The thing about shoes…


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Coco Chanel proudly claims that all a woman needs is a pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world. Do not, and I mean, never underestimate the power of good looking shoes.

But here’s the thing about shoes..they will wear out! Old ones will need to be replaced with new pairs to keep your closet swanky and fashionable. Some footwear styles have proved to be classics, while some faded with time.

Stilettos, ballerinas, sandals, boots et al cease to diminish in demand in women’s footwear. One latest addition to the category is women peep toe shoes.


Which shoe trend should I be following this year?


Pic courtesy: Pinterest

Shoes are always the sure shot way to update the wardrobe with what’s latest in fashion. As for what went by and what you should be watching out for in shoe trends, here’s a list.

Studded details were a rage this year. Color block pumps were the surprise hit of the season. Boots and booties have always managed to enamor the ladies. The slip-ons and flats for casual occasions and every day wear can never lose their grace. 

Apart from that platforms and stilettos have never needed to make a comeback!

Lots of color was also seen on the runway. From green to black all the way to maroon, women shoes have always been endowed with lots and lots of color!


Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

And here’s what you’ll find. The old mantra of revealing some and hiding some always works with Indian ladies, and more so in footwear. Hence the obsession with peep toes!

Peep toes in metallics are something that women died for in 2013. They bring the bling in, while are suited for almost all occasions.

Buy stylish peep toes online and you can nab the latest brands at the best bargains.

Whatever be your shoe fetish, go ahead and give fire to it. Shop online!