Titan watches – Favorites of the young and old, alike!


If there is one watch brand that has engulfed each and every one, regardless of age and gender, in a beautiful web of a timepiece, it is none other than Titan! Titan’s path breaking 24-year journey in watch-making is known to one and all.

You could sport a Titan Raga to your traditional weddings, or a Titan Orion to your workplace however if you were waiting for that versatile collection that could make you pull off any type of attire, then you wait is over…Keep reading!

Give your look an edge with Titan Edge Collection!

The Titan watches in all fairness are an expression of independence and self-empowerment.

One look at the Titan Edge analog watch, and the wearer will be left spellbound. With this range of watches, Titan has undoubtedly mastered how subtlety and style can be mixed together to form a beautiful watch!                                                                                 Image

Classic elegance combined with technical mastery is what the Titan Edge collection is all about. With an incredibly slim movement of 1.15, the Edge is the slimmest watch in the Universe – a mere 3.5 mm.

This collection is available for both men and women. Yayy!

Buy Titan Edge watches online only!

The awe-inspiring collections of Titan are numerous. There is Raga, Orion, Nebula, Octane, Zoop, Bandhan and now Edge.

Titan Edge 2What a Titan watch store may fail to contain within the four walls, you will find it all online. This is one of the main reasons why I love to shop online. Taking the trouble of visiting various online stores to find what we’re looking for is so much easier, than travelling to different stores, physically.

Then sometimes, the salesperson might fail to enlighten the consumer on the complete features of the products sought for. But the various e-shops contain a detailed account of what the product is all about!

I myself came across the Titan Edge collection online itself. All the collections of the brand, as well as by other premium watch labels are showcased online so beautifully, that it was like a ritual for me to buy my Titan Edge online. And then the mouth watering prices…phew!

You need to experience the thrill of Titan Edge Watches Online Shopping, now!


Eternal timepieces: Titan Raga watches for women!


An assortment of gorgeous Titan Raga watches

Titan is here to solve all your watch woes!

How many times has we women shirked from accessorizing. Rarely! But yes, sometimes too much of it is neither called by the occasion, nor our mood. Whatever be the need of the hour, a classy watch always comes in handy!

Nothing can beat the ethereal beauty of a beautiful watch, tied around the slender wrist of the woman. Some women spoil the whole look by buying those cheap fakes that vendors so proudly sell in almost all markets.

If splurging on watches is not your thing, then why not go for Titan watches?

What a save! Titan Raga Watches for Women

Titan watches revolutionized the concept of watches from the word go. I look forward to new collections from the brand every time, but I have a special place in my heart for Titan Raga watches for women!

With Titan watches for women, they have quite successfully come up with collections with styles and designs where looks coexist with utility; where a watch can flatter a dress or make a look.

It was high time for a range of watches that could go impeccably with traditional wear. Exclusivity is the flavor of the season, and Titan raga watches will ensure just that!

Titan Raga watches need to be carefully accessorized!

Titan Raga watches are a careful blend of traditional and contemporary designs, a look that immediately struck a cord with the modern Indian woman. Dainty straps, and an overall ethnic and feminine appeal are what symbolize Titan Raga analog watches.

Generally you would match your watch with your attire, but not so with Titan! Make sure you wear the right outfit to go with these Titan Raga watches. Keep your other accessories to the minimal as your Titan Raga will take care of much else. Just a pair of earrings would do!

For the love of watches: Shop online!

Believe me when I say that there’s nothing like too many watches, or rather nothing like too many Titan watches! Just in case you haven’t check out the overwhelming collection of Titan Raga watches online, do it, and do it now.

The brand otherwise keeps adding to its existing products. The Titan Purple collection, and Titan Bandhan collection are the newest additions, all of which you can find online. Isn’t that just amazing? Get started on that much needed therapeutic online shopping now!

Wall Talk and Look Good with a Stunning Pair of Heels for Women!

ImageEvery woman, no matter the age group, deserves a pair of high heels. Women love to wear high heels for different reasons. It adds charm and oomph to the personality and makes the wearer appear leaner and slender by adding to the height.


Heels also accentuate personality, by making the woman’s legs seem longer. I mean, what more could a woman want?


And believe it or not, high heels help to improve your posture too! But getting used to walking in a pair of heels is no ‘cakewalk’. Here I am again, to make this task a little easier!




What do you mean by right heels?

Before you go on a shopping spree, you need to learn the concept of the right heels. The right heels are not synonymous to painful footwear. The size, style, design, and material should be that suits you and your feet type the best.

There are different types of heels such as . Choose one that you’re the most comfortable in!

Choosing the right heels

  • Shop smart, and shop in the evening when your feet have swelled to the maximum from walking all day!
  • Stop equating high heels with high standards. Stop at where you’re comfortable, walk confidently, and you’ll still look good!
  • The right fit is extremely important. A little loose would do, but not a little light. Then, you can always use insoles and cushioning at the problem areas.
  • Take those heels for a test drive and break in them all you want, rather than the occasion you bought them for!
  • Do not wear heels too often. If you really want to, go for wedges, or platforms!

Walking right with the right heelsImage

  • Take smaller steps
  • Walk from heel to toe, and not vice versa!
  • Keep your feet fresh, devoid of any moisture, sweat or odour!
  • Walk as if you’re catwalking for that desirable sway of the hips! If it starts to hurt, whenever and wherever you can, just sit and take it easy
  • And don’t forget, practice makes a wo-man perfect!


Where to shop for right heels

Well, this is easy…buy heels for women online! You’re going to love the virtual world packed with all the heels you’re going to love from the best brands, at the best discounts!

Take my advice and soon you’ll be mastering to walk in the highest heels with minimal pain, lots of oomph, grace and confidence!

LBD’s Twisted Sister: Buy Designer White Dresses Online

The-Vanca-Short-Sleeve-Self-Pattern-White-Dress-1778-735641-1-zoomWhite is the new black: Style that LWD now!

I am that sort of a person who likes to categorise things as black and white. I hate grey shades, in people or things. May be this is the reason why I’m so passionate about my white and black dresses!

For that angelic, white swan type of look, white dresses always come in handy. Maxi dresses are my personal favorites and a white maxi dress can be touted as a fail-safe object in a woman’s wardrobe.

Where had you been hiding your little white dress. Yoohoo?! A white dress is nothing short of an artist’s canvas on which you can paint anything you like! So go forth and accessorize!!!

Drown those sartorial sorrows with that perfect white dress!Yepme-Sleeve-Less-Printed-White-Dresses-2713-102501-1-zoom

Structured or semi-formal blazers over a white dress will keep your well protected, as well as set your look for that perfect evening. So whether it’s a formal dinner or a date night, rummage your closet and dig out the whites. Now who said white dresses can only make a casual statement? I respectfully disagree!

The best thing about a white dress is that you can play around with colors all you want. Sport multicolored bangles and potli with a tube white maxi dress, and let down that hair!

I styled my white dress with a blingy silver neckpiece, silver oxidized bangles and jootis! The compliments I got that night…phewww! So never underestimate the power of this wonder called the while dress.

While I like dresses in solid colors, you could hunt for white dresses in different designs, lengths, prints and patterns. Trust me, there’s one for everyone, even for the plump ones!

With a white dress, minimal make up works best. Bring out your soft, angel like features with a white dress. Use a golden belt to cinch that waist…you can do anything you want with a white dress!

The-Vanca-Sleeve-Less-Embroidered-Off-White-Dress-2153-626531-1-zoomDesigner White Dresses Online!

Name the style, length, design or brand in white dresses that you want, and you will find it online.

Take a pick from a huge collection assorted from the top brands offering designer white dresses online.

Log online with an empty mind and don’t leave without being inspired. The best part about online shopping in India is that you are going to leave with much more than what you came looking for, apart from the huge bargains of course.

Buy white dresses for women online, and feel amazingly pampered in return!

Make your Special Occasions Memorable with the Right Women’s Perfumes!

When asked the most beautiful women of the world the reason behind their beauty and success, all their statements had some elements in common, that being beautiful means looking and feeling great!

Looking good depends upon what you wear, and how well you carry it off. One feels good when they are refreshed and smell good.

Believe it or not, the scent of the perfume possesses the power to accentuate your personality, and change your life forever. Dressing up in an impeccable gown or the most expensive dress all comes to naught if the wearer does not smell good!

Do you have enough?

Perfumes are an essential part of lifestyle. So, its time you reviewed your perfume collection!

It needs to be added with the premium perfume brands that offer different intoxicating fragrances to make your evenings and special occasions a memorable one. Every brand has something different to offer!

Different perfumes for different moods: What to Wear and When?

Business luncheons or formal dinners: You need a fragrance that doesn’t let you go unnoticed – not too strong and not too light!

Date night: Make yourself irresistible. Go for a scent that sets off a romantic mood and makes your partner fall in love with you all over again!

Daily wear / Casual day out: Make sure you wear something that is floral, sweet and light! Daily wear perfumes are surely intoxicating, but not overbearing!

Parties: You can go solid and strong, intoxicating and enticing, feminine and musky all at the same time. Do not be afraid to experiment in perfumes when a wild bash is on your agenda!

You cannot take a chance with perfumes!

I go to the market, and I see cheap fakes all around. Steer clear of those! Go only for the well-known perfume brands. They have been in the business for long for a reason.

Gucci fragrances are ideal for everyday use. CK and Dior perfumes for women contain the appropriate amounts of aromatic floral fragrance and spicy notes. Chanel No. 5 was the all-time favorite accessory for the stunning Marilyn Monroe. Phewww… !!!

All these brands and many more are available at most online stores in India. Buy perfumes for women online. Once you make use of the discount vouchers on every purchase of yours, even expensive labels will be made yours for life at total value for money!

Go ahead, look good, smell good and be beautiful with addictive perfumes for women!



Redefine the Ethnic with Jodhpuri Salwars for Women


A comfortable life!

Trends come and go, but there are some universal sartorial styles that always continue to enamor people. What is the one thing that defines a long lasting piece of clothing – it is the comfort factor.

When it comes to the battle between looking good and feeling good, most people tend to ignore one for the other. Here’s to Jodhpuri salwars that can make any Jane Doe look attractive without compromising on anything. They are flared, vibrant, breezy, and completely out there.

As the name suggests…

The Jodhpuri salwars resemble the patent Jodhpuri pyjamis with an extremely slim fit below the knees and a baggy structure around the way up! However these days, Jodhpuris have come about to embibe a lot of twists and turns to its originality!

Jodhpuris generally comprise tightly stitched pleats around the waistline that flare out dramatically below the hip region and taper at the hem. This piece of clothing provides an extremely comfortable fit. So you’re completely relaxed, with people’s attention coming your way left, right and centre! So you know you’re looking good without much effort. A comfortable life!!!

But yes, you definitely need to accessorize well!

How to Style Jodhpuri Salwars!

The best part about Jodhpuris is that it flatters a slim figure, and hides the flaws of the plus size ones! They are apt to be worn in both hot and cold climes. And then the colors and prints they are available in …phew! I can never have enough of these!

I love to pair Jodhpuris with a long matching T-shirt. But short net kurtis would look too. Long ones on the other hand would hide the cut and look of it. Accessorize with long neckpiece, lots of bangles and dangler earrings. Go for flats like bellies or kolhapuris for footwear!

However, Jodhupuri salwars for women are no stilettos. They can manage to carry off classy, but not exactly formal classy. I would suggest you to sport Jodhpuris to casual get togethers and even to the workplace but stick to the basics when it comes to formal dinners, business meetings or clubbing!

With your style tips right on the fingertips, float and flaunt with ‘em Jodhpuri salwars!

Fall Staple: Winter Jackets for Boys!

ImageCome winters, and with it come the gloomy and sun-less winter mornings. Getting out of bed becomes a task, and it is the bed and bed only that seems to provide any amount of solace. We suffer from an existential crisis, and Vitamin D deficiency!

So what’s the next best thing you do on a chilly winter morning, apart from going back to sleep? You rummage your closet and play around and experiment with the hundreds of thousands of options in clothes and styles and complete your winter wear.

In this, your winter staple can never be forgotten, that is to say, Jackets!



There’s nothing like too many jackets!

Sometimes, you just throw on a jacket and it’s enough. This is the thing about winter clothing – you are judged by the cover. No matter how comfortable and colorful you are from the inside, it is the outer most layer that will decide your entire look!

To what extent do the temperatures dip, where you live, is going to influence your choice in winter clothing, or jackets to be particular, considerably. For instance, for the super chilly Delhi winters, you need fleshy jackets to shield yourself from the cold, but for a Bangalore resident, even a wind cheater would do!


But in both the cases, jackets are surely a must have

Your jacket can be the know all and end all, all throughout the winters.  This is a piece you’ll wear day in and day out, so it’s critical that it flatters your shape.

Length, cut, neckline, material and countless other details can make or break your look complete with this fall staple.

There are padded jackets, bomber jackets, windcheaters, denim jackets, leather jackets and what not! From fur to leather, from bright reds to darks or classics, from simple to overbearing, from oversized to comfort fit, long to short, plain or patterned, there is a lot you can do with your jackets. So your wardrobe needs lots of these!



Accessorize it right!

Just donning on the jacket wouldn’t be enough. You need other supporting accessories to highlight your look.

If you’re still cold, you can team your jacket with a chunky knitted scarf, feel better and look good at the same time.

Black dress shoes with a suede or black leather jacket will make a suave look. Even boots for men are a good option to be worn with the jacket.

Stop cribbing about the chill! Put a jacket, a smile on your face, and most of the work is done!