Wall Talk and Look Good with a Stunning Pair of Heels for Women!

ImageEvery woman, no matter the age group, deserves a pair of high heels. Women love to wear high heels for different reasons. It adds charm and oomph to the personality and makes the wearer appear leaner and slender by adding to the height.


Heels also accentuate personality, by making the woman’s legs seem longer. I mean, what more could a woman want?


And believe it or not, high heels help to improve your posture too! But getting used to walking in a pair of heels is no ‘cakewalk’. Here I am again, to make this task a little easier!




What do you mean by right heels?

Before you go on a shopping spree, you need to learn the concept of the right heels. The right heels are not synonymous to painful footwear. The size, style, design, and material should be that suits you and your feet type the best.

There are different types of heels such as . Choose one that you’re the most comfortable in!

Choosing the right heels

  • Shop smart, and shop in the evening when your feet have swelled to the maximum from walking all day!
  • Stop equating high heels with high standards. Stop at where you’re comfortable, walk confidently, and you’ll still look good!
  • The right fit is extremely important. A little loose would do, but not a little light. Then, you can always use insoles and cushioning at the problem areas.
  • Take those heels for a test drive and break in them all you want, rather than the occasion you bought them for!
  • Do not wear heels too often. If you really want to, go for wedges, or platforms!

Walking right with the right heelsImage

  • Take smaller steps
  • Walk from heel to toe, and not vice versa!
  • Keep your feet fresh, devoid of any moisture, sweat or odour!
  • Walk as if you’re catwalking for that desirable sway of the hips! If it starts to hurt, whenever and wherever you can, just sit and take it easy
  • And don’t forget, practice makes a wo-man perfect!


Where to shop for right heels

Well, this is easy…buy heels for women online! You’re going to love the virtual world packed with all the heels you’re going to love from the best brands, at the best discounts!

Take my advice and soon you’ll be mastering to walk in the highest heels with minimal pain, lots of oomph, grace and confidence!