Redefine the Ethnic with Jodhpuri Salwars for Women


A comfortable life!

Trends come and go, but there are some universal sartorial styles that always continue to enamor people. What is the one thing that defines a long lasting piece of clothing – it is the comfort factor.

When it comes to the battle between looking good and feeling good, most people tend to ignore one for the other. Here’s to Jodhpuri salwars that can make any Jane Doe look attractive without compromising on anything. They are flared, vibrant, breezy, and completely out there.

As the name suggests…

The Jodhpuri salwars resemble the patent Jodhpuri pyjamis with an extremely slim fit below the knees and a baggy structure around the way up! However these days, Jodhpuris have come about to embibe a lot of twists and turns to its originality!

Jodhpuris generally comprise tightly stitched pleats around the waistline that flare out dramatically below the hip region and taper at the hem. This piece of clothing provides an extremely comfortable fit. So you’re completely relaxed, with people’s attention coming your way left, right and centre! So you know you’re looking good without much effort. A comfortable life!!!

But yes, you definitely need to accessorize well!

How to Style Jodhpuri Salwars!

The best part about Jodhpuris is that it flatters a slim figure, and hides the flaws of the plus size ones! They are apt to be worn in both hot and cold climes. And then the colors and prints they are available in …phew! I can never have enough of these!

I love to pair Jodhpuris with a long matching T-shirt. But short net kurtis would look too. Long ones on the other hand would hide the cut and look of it. Accessorize with long neckpiece, lots of bangles and dangler earrings. Go for flats like bellies or kolhapuris for footwear!

However, Jodhupuri salwars for women are no stilettos. They can manage to carry off classy, but not exactly formal classy. I would suggest you to sport Jodhpuris to casual get togethers and even to the workplace but stick to the basics when it comes to formal dinners, business meetings or clubbing!

With your style tips right on the fingertips, float and flaunt with ‘em Jodhpuri salwars!


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