Fall Staple: Winter Jackets for Boys!

ImageCome winters, and with it come the gloomy and sun-less winter mornings. Getting out of bed becomes a task, and it is the bed and bed only that seems to provide any amount of solace. We suffer from an existential crisis, and Vitamin D deficiency!

So what’s the next best thing you do on a chilly winter morning, apart from going back to sleep? You rummage your closet and play around and experiment with the hundreds of thousands of options in clothes and styles and complete your winter wear.

In this, your winter staple can never be forgotten, that is to say, Jackets!



There’s nothing like too many jackets!

Sometimes, you just throw on a jacket and it’s enough. This is the thing about winter clothing – you are judged by the cover. No matter how comfortable and colorful you are from the inside, it is the outer most layer that will decide your entire look!

To what extent do the temperatures dip, where you live, is going to influence your choice in winter clothing, or jackets to be particular, considerably. For instance, for the super chilly Delhi winters, you need fleshy jackets to shield yourself from the cold, but for a Bangalore resident, even a wind cheater would do!


But in both the cases, jackets are surely a must have

Your jacket can be the know all and end all, all throughout the winters.  This is a piece you’ll wear day in and day out, so it’s critical that it flatters your shape.

Length, cut, neckline, material and countless other details can make or break your look complete with this fall staple.

There are padded jackets, bomber jackets, windcheaters, denim jackets, leather jackets and what not! From fur to leather, from bright reds to darks or classics, from simple to overbearing, from oversized to comfort fit, long to short, plain or patterned, there is a lot you can do with your jackets. So your wardrobe needs lots of these!



Accessorize it right!

Just donning on the jacket wouldn’t be enough. You need other supporting accessories to highlight your look.

If you’re still cold, you can team your jacket with a chunky knitted scarf, feel better and look good at the same time.

Black dress shoes with a suede or black leather jacket will make a suave look. Even boots for men are a good option to be worn with the jacket.

Stop cribbing about the chill! Put a jacket, a smile on your face, and most of the work is done!


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