Clutch it in Style: There’s One for Everyone!

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Pic Courtesy:Pinterest

Bags for women attain different meanings. That depends upon the different  occasions, as well as the ever changing moods of an average lady. Backpacks can take  the place of the classic totes, and sling bags may turn into shopping bags for no  reason.

One thing is clear. Women love versatility in each and every one of the accessory that  they own. One or two pieces of occasion specific and outfit specific bag would do, but  most of them need to be multi-functional. In such a scenario, clutch bags for women  make for the perfect option! Read on…

 It takes YOU to tango

There are so many clutch bags that you spotted at the nearby store that wracked  your brain like never before. Here’s a more simplified version of the clutch story that should lead you to make the correct purchase for yourself!


Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Types of clutches:

Satin, quilted, python and prints, you could take a pick from these according to your personal style!

Pick among beautiful fabrics and embellishments like satin, lace, rhinestones, beads, gold and silver frames for classy and special affairs. These come in different shapes and sizes, right from big ones to as small that would fit the palm of your hand!

Oversized clutches can never go out of style. The most common in these are the envelope clutches, in the shape of what the name suggests!


Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Like other accessories, your personal taste matters the most. Apart from that, your body type will also influence  your choice of the clutch that you want to carry off.

Like if you are bulky, then avoid the small, box type of  clutches and petites should opt for a small clutch that are softer in shape.

The trick is to secure at least one or two clutch purses that go with everything like the classic black clutch, or one  in more subtle shades of beige or brown. These can be minimalistic in details, but will last for years to come!

Clutch them trends!

Go for a clutch with strap, or make sure it is in your hands all the time. Also make sure you stuff only your essentials in the clutch, as an


Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

inflated clutch can take the attention off your beautiful outfit, in a negative way.

Sport an oversized envelope clutch to your workplace, or a beaded box clutch to a wedding.

Either ways, you’ll be making a style statement, by getting a grip on the right things – your Clutch being one of them!!!


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