Times’ a changing, Trend’s a changing!

f556cf19543aa265e6ac29dd2eaae0e8You have got to embrace them, you have got to be one of us!!!

There’s no one that has managed to escape the wave of fashion. So all the menfolk who have been shaking it off, it’s time to get jiggy with it, just in case you don’t want to be the odd one out. Yes, yes, yes, you have got to be one of us, one of us fashionable people!

In the classics, women are shown to be applying powder and lipstick in front of the mirror, and men with solid briefcases. The trends have twisted and turned now. Women are now career-oriented, and men more image conscious. I’d say, good for them!

Following the fashion trends never hurt anyone, but the problem starts when the trends report a blind fan following. You cannot afford to miss out on your personal style, and type of clothes and accents suit you, your body type, complexion etc. etc.

Believe it or not, men love the occasional accessorizing!

By accessorizing, I do not mean blingy accents studded with diamantes! Men love a subtle style statement. They like accessories that glam up their outfit, and the whole look, but not in such a way that makes them noticeable even from far behind, if you know what I mean!

In the famous American sitcom Friends, Joey’s character has to convince his friends that the bag he’s carrying is a man’s bag, and he’s mocked at wherever he goes, because of the bag. Well now, not so much!                                    6456d3273b60c98aca1e6d2ccb3438f4

Men have been spotted carrying , etc. Just like the women, they like to carry their world them in style! However, the classic wallet has been and continues to be the hot favorite. More and more brands are offering new designs in men’s wallets.

Men’s wallets: Important for men, perfect gifting option for the ladies!

Men can keep their cash and cards in place, in a rather classy way, in a beautiful leather wallet. Apart from that, designer wallets also look uber stylish and come in a range of fabrics and designs. Right from the high end brands to the most affordable ones, each one has something new to offer, so taking a pick won’t be that difficult!

As for the ladies, don’t forget that his wallet speaks a lot about your man. So next time you’re thinking about a gift, go for a classy men’s wallet and make the special man step into the vogue, and feel extra loved!



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