Right from Cloth to Canvas: The Saga of Women’s Scarves

Every time I spot a woman carrying a beautiful scarf around her neck, I feel that this hot accessory that women just adore has a story to tell..a one that relates to its birth, how it was adopted and owned, and now owns such a supreme position around the beautiful woman’s neck!!!


The Prologue


Floral Fun: Florals can actually be a subtle mixture of happiness and melancholy. It could be a sad woman’s quick remedy towards salvaging the situation and coming back to normal, or reflection of her content state of mind. Either ways, floral scarves are a rage!

Striped Burberries: The classic Burberry printed scarf, or a similar striped one works well when you mean business, and want to be taken seriously. So before you stress over the pending deadlines, make the right statement with the right accessory, so called the scarf!

Solid Hued: When versatility is the flavor of the day, women’s scarves in solid colors and bold abstract prints should be your pick. The wearer wanted to sport them to the work place, or a formal dinner, or a birthday bash, or for a shopping spree…she was confused. And quite rightly so, she wore them wherever she went, and managed to grab an eyeball or two!

The Epilogue

When not a hair is out of place, and your mood symbolizes the city’s decadence, then wearing a scarf becomes an ideal choice.

I would suggest printed scarves. Wear a subtle outfit with scarves in eye catching prints and colors, and you’re done for the day. You don’t need to spend time on accessorizing further, the scarf will take care of the rest. However, avoid overbearing prints!

Apart from the design, the material of the scarf is also an important consideration, because of the intimate relation that a scarf shares with your skin. A cashmere scarf is a must have in every fashion conscious women’s wardrobe, so basically, all women! Cotton and georgette scarves are perfect gems for the summer, while chunky knitted scarves coupled with pullovers and jackets symbolize fall fashion. Couple the scarf with knee length boots and you keep the chill at bay, and all the attention near you!


Where, how, when?!

Where to shop – Online! How to Shop – It’s easy! When to shop- Now!!!

Buy women scarves online now and get all what you’re looking for. Keep your make up minimalistic, and head held high! Go paint your own story with a stylish scarf, you can thank me later….



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