Redefine the Ethnic with Jodhpuri Salwars for Women


A comfortable life!

Trends come and go, but there are some universal sartorial styles that always continue to enamor people. What is the one thing that defines a long lasting piece of clothing – it is the comfort factor.

When it comes to the battle between looking good and feeling good, most people tend to ignore one for the other. Here’s to Jodhpuri salwars that can make any Jane Doe look attractive without compromising on anything. They are flared, vibrant, breezy, and completely out there.

As the name suggests…

The Jodhpuri salwars resemble the patent Jodhpuri pyjamis with an extremely slim fit below the knees and a baggy structure around the way up! However these days, Jodhpuris have come about to embibe a lot of twists and turns to its originality!

Jodhpuris generally comprise tightly stitched pleats around the waistline that flare out dramatically below the hip region and taper at the hem. This piece of clothing provides an extremely comfortable fit. So you’re completely relaxed, with people’s attention coming your way left, right and centre! So you know you’re looking good without much effort. A comfortable life!!!

But yes, you definitely need to accessorize well!

How to Style Jodhpuri Salwars!

The best part about Jodhpuris is that it flatters a slim figure, and hides the flaws of the plus size ones! They are apt to be worn in both hot and cold climes. And then the colors and prints they are available in …phew! I can never have enough of these!

I love to pair Jodhpuris with a long matching T-shirt. But short net kurtis would look too. Long ones on the other hand would hide the cut and look of it. Accessorize with long neckpiece, lots of bangles and dangler earrings. Go for flats like bellies or kolhapuris for footwear!

However, Jodhupuri salwars for women are no stilettos. They can manage to carry off classy, but not exactly formal classy. I would suggest you to sport Jodhpuris to casual get togethers and even to the workplace but stick to the basics when it comes to formal dinners, business meetings or clubbing!

With your style tips right on the fingertips, float and flaunt with ‘em Jodhpuri salwars!


Fall Staple: Winter Jackets for Boys!

ImageCome winters, and with it come the gloomy and sun-less winter mornings. Getting out of bed becomes a task, and it is the bed and bed only that seems to provide any amount of solace. We suffer from an existential crisis, and Vitamin D deficiency!

So what’s the next best thing you do on a chilly winter morning, apart from going back to sleep? You rummage your closet and play around and experiment with the hundreds of thousands of options in clothes and styles and complete your winter wear.

In this, your winter staple can never be forgotten, that is to say, Jackets!



There’s nothing like too many jackets!

Sometimes, you just throw on a jacket and it’s enough. This is the thing about winter clothing – you are judged by the cover. No matter how comfortable and colorful you are from the inside, it is the outer most layer that will decide your entire look!

To what extent do the temperatures dip, where you live, is going to influence your choice in winter clothing, or jackets to be particular, considerably. For instance, for the super chilly Delhi winters, you need fleshy jackets to shield yourself from the cold, but for a Bangalore resident, even a wind cheater would do!


But in both the cases, jackets are surely a must have

Your jacket can be the know all and end all, all throughout the winters.  This is a piece you’ll wear day in and day out, so it’s critical that it flatters your shape.

Length, cut, neckline, material and countless other details can make or break your look complete with this fall staple.

There are padded jackets, bomber jackets, windcheaters, denim jackets, leather jackets and what not! From fur to leather, from bright reds to darks or classics, from simple to overbearing, from oversized to comfort fit, long to short, plain or patterned, there is a lot you can do with your jackets. So your wardrobe needs lots of these!



Accessorize it right!

Just donning on the jacket wouldn’t be enough. You need other supporting accessories to highlight your look.

If you’re still cold, you can team your jacket with a chunky knitted scarf, feel better and look good at the same time.

Black dress shoes with a suede or black leather jacket will make a suave look. Even boots for men are a good option to be worn with the jacket.

Stop cribbing about the chill! Put a jacket, a smile on your face, and most of the work is done!

Clutch it in Style: There’s One for Everyone!

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Pic Courtesy:Pinterest

Bags for women attain different meanings. That depends upon the different  occasions, as well as the ever changing moods of an average lady. Backpacks can take  the place of the classic totes, and sling bags may turn into shopping bags for no  reason.

One thing is clear. Women love versatility in each and every one of the accessory that  they own. One or two pieces of occasion specific and outfit specific bag would do, but  most of them need to be multi-functional. In such a scenario, clutch bags for women  make for the perfect option! Read on…

 It takes YOU to tango

There are so many clutch bags that you spotted at the nearby store that wracked  your brain like never before. Here’s a more simplified version of the clutch story that should lead you to make the correct purchase for yourself!


Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Types of clutches:

Satin, quilted, python and prints, you could take a pick from these according to your personal style!

Pick among beautiful fabrics and embellishments like satin, lace, rhinestones, beads, gold and silver frames for classy and special affairs. These come in different shapes and sizes, right from big ones to as small that would fit the palm of your hand!

Oversized clutches can never go out of style. The most common in these are the envelope clutches, in the shape of what the name suggests!


Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Like other accessories, your personal taste matters the most. Apart from that, your body type will also influence  your choice of the clutch that you want to carry off.

Like if you are bulky, then avoid the small, box type of  clutches and petites should opt for a small clutch that are softer in shape.

The trick is to secure at least one or two clutch purses that go with everything like the classic black clutch, or one  in more subtle shades of beige or brown. These can be minimalistic in details, but will last for years to come!

Clutch them trends!

Go for a clutch with strap, or make sure it is in your hands all the time. Also make sure you stuff only your essentials in the clutch, as an


Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

inflated clutch can take the attention off your beautiful outfit, in a negative way.

Sport an oversized envelope clutch to your workplace, or a beaded box clutch to a wedding.

Either ways, you’ll be making a style statement, by getting a grip on the right things – your Clutch being one of them!!!

Times’ a changing, Trend’s a changing!

f556cf19543aa265e6ac29dd2eaae0e8You have got to embrace them, you have got to be one of us!!!

There’s no one that has managed to escape the wave of fashion. So all the menfolk who have been shaking it off, it’s time to get jiggy with it, just in case you don’t want to be the odd one out. Yes, yes, yes, you have got to be one of us, one of us fashionable people!

In the classics, women are shown to be applying powder and lipstick in front of the mirror, and men with solid briefcases. The trends have twisted and turned now. Women are now career-oriented, and men more image conscious. I’d say, good for them!

Following the fashion trends never hurt anyone, but the problem starts when the trends report a blind fan following. You cannot afford to miss out on your personal style, and type of clothes and accents suit you, your body type, complexion etc. etc.

Believe it or not, men love the occasional accessorizing!

By accessorizing, I do not mean blingy accents studded with diamantes! Men love a subtle style statement. They like accessories that glam up their outfit, and the whole look, but not in such a way that makes them noticeable even from far behind, if you know what I mean!

In the famous American sitcom Friends, Joey’s character has to convince his friends that the bag he’s carrying is a man’s bag, and he’s mocked at wherever he goes, because of the bag. Well now, not so much!                                    6456d3273b60c98aca1e6d2ccb3438f4

Men have been spotted carrying , etc. Just like the women, they like to carry their world them in style! However, the classic wallet has been and continues to be the hot favorite. More and more brands are offering new designs in men’s wallets.

Men’s wallets: Important for men, perfect gifting option for the ladies!

Men can keep their cash and cards in place, in a rather classy way, in a beautiful leather wallet. Apart from that, designer wallets also look uber stylish and come in a range of fabrics and designs. Right from the high end brands to the most affordable ones, each one has something new to offer, so taking a pick won’t be that difficult!

As for the ladies, don’t forget that his wallet speaks a lot about your man. So next time you’re thinking about a gift, go for a classy men’s wallet and make the special man step into the vogue, and feel extra loved!


A man’s winter must haves: Boots for Men

The Metrosexual Man

The new metrosexual man is stylish, suave yet retaining that touch of masculinity that makes every girl’s eyes flutter. After all, what’s better than a MAN who knows how to clean up well. With fall just round the corner, there is definitely more than just pullovers for a man to don.

In fact, there are a lot of options that boys could play with, experiment a little, mix and match and come out with flying colors, quite literally!

Men and Shoes

In a man’s wardrobe, the shoes occupy the supreme position. Then come his shirts, tees, pants and the accessories. A man needs to be careful and passionate about the shoes he wears, and then only expect to make a mark.

After all, style is something that one can follow only up to a point. It is a character trait, a gift, that has been given to all, but only few know how to use it well, especially the men folk.

Men and Boots

Trends change with time. Every season calls for a fashion update that does not just look good, but also protects from the changing direction of the winds. The same goes for shoes. While boat shoes and loafers might be an apt choice, for a day out in the winter season, there are more styles and types of shoes that might come more in handy during the chilly season, and go well with your winter attire too. Works both ways, doesn’t it?

Well then men boots are something that you should definitely get your hands on. With the right choice, you can end up making the perfect casual and formal statement with the same pair of boots. I would suggest to go for boots in classic dark shades of tan, brown, grey and black and leave the jitzy-glitzy for the girls. However, the boys can make a choice according to their own personal taste!

Team them with trousers, denims, tees, shirts, jackets, pullovers and your feet will be well protected, while you put a ‘stylish foot forward, quite literally!

Explore more and more options!

When something you want can be had easily, there’s no need to go through an ordeal, in the hope of finding something better. Listen to what I have to say, and buy men’s boots online. Men’s favorite footwear brands like United Colors of Benetton, Jessi Jordan, Puma, Phosphorus, Reebok, GAS, Fila etc await you at the online store. Try, at your home and then only buy! Go for it!!!

Right from Cloth to Canvas: The Saga of Women’s Scarves

Every time I spot a woman carrying a beautiful scarf around her neck, I feel that this hot accessory that women just adore has a story to tell..a one that relates to its birth, how it was adopted and owned, and now owns such a supreme position around the beautiful woman’s neck!!!


The Prologue


Floral Fun: Florals can actually be a subtle mixture of happiness and melancholy. It could be a sad woman’s quick remedy towards salvaging the situation and coming back to normal, or reflection of her content state of mind. Either ways, floral scarves are a rage!

Striped Burberries: The classic Burberry printed scarf, or a similar striped one works well when you mean business, and want to be taken seriously. So before you stress over the pending deadlines, make the right statement with the right accessory, so called the scarf!

Solid Hued: When versatility is the flavor of the day, women’s scarves in solid colors and bold abstract prints should be your pick. The wearer wanted to sport them to the work place, or a formal dinner, or a birthday bash, or for a shopping spree…she was confused. And quite rightly so, she wore them wherever she went, and managed to grab an eyeball or two!

The Epilogue

When not a hair is out of place, and your mood symbolizes the city’s decadence, then wearing a scarf becomes an ideal choice.

I would suggest printed scarves. Wear a subtle outfit with scarves in eye catching prints and colors, and you’re done for the day. You don’t need to spend time on accessorizing further, the scarf will take care of the rest. However, avoid overbearing prints!

Apart from the design, the material of the scarf is also an important consideration, because of the intimate relation that a scarf shares with your skin. A cashmere scarf is a must have in every fashion conscious women’s wardrobe, so basically, all women! Cotton and georgette scarves are perfect gems for the summer, while chunky knitted scarves coupled with pullovers and jackets symbolize fall fashion. Couple the scarf with knee length boots and you keep the chill at bay, and all the attention near you!


Where, how, when?!

Where to shop – Online! How to Shop – It’s easy! When to shop- Now!!!

Buy women scarves online now and get all what you’re looking for. Keep your make up minimalistic, and head held high! Go paint your own story with a stylish scarf, you can thank me later….