Fall into Fashion, this Fall, this Men’s Winter Wear!

The gen-x is ambitious, hip and happening and knows how to get what they want, even if it makes them go through an ordeal. This goes not just for the ladies, but the men folk too, who leave no stone unturned today to look fashionable and update their wardrobes with the latest trends. While hitting back in a comfortable jeans and tee is their favorite way of passing time in the lazy summers, layers of clothing becomes a mandate in the fall. This gives a lot of scope in experimenting, mixing and matching, and bringing out the true colors of a fashionista, little bit of which is there in all of us!

These winters, give a whole new stylish dimension to your wardrobe. Chuck your old pullovers and stack your cupboard with what’s latest in fashion! Need a few styling tips? First make sure you have everything you need to make your look complete. There should be no chinks in your armour, your claim to fame being your ultimate style sense. Add dollops of branded pullovers and formal and semi-formal jackets to your very own men’s winter wear. Couple them with lowers, chinos, slim fit pants to look immaculate. Then accessorize with chunky scarves, luxury watches, impeccable pair of shoes etc. Yes, yes, yes, don’t forget to accessorize this winters, they help in filling the gaps, and making the look complete. However, read on to know more about styling these winters!

Color me up: Colors look good not just on girls, but men too. Try pants in different shades or shirts in colors like red, purple or green, but don’t wear both at the same time. Top it up with a semi-formal jacket in classic dark shades, and trust us when we say that a man never looked sexier!

Boot-licious: While boots were something that only women loved to own, the story now paints a different picture with many brands like Woodland, Red Tape etc. coming up with innovative designs in men’s boots. Shop now!

‘Bag’-gy issues: There are endless choices in men’s bags that will leave you spoilt for choice in sling bags, handbags, duffle bags, wallets and what not! Carry a sling with a pullover and you make the right casual statement!

Accessorize it right: Chunky belts, elegant watches, classy sunglasses, sexy hats, stylish cufflinks, chunky scarves, you could try it all, or one at a time. Then there’s rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets etc. etc. which will only serve as icing on the cake and add to the vogue!

So go ahead, paint a fashionable picture, this fall!


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