Today’s Stylish Mainstay: Moccasins for men

mocassins 1

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Casual shoes are much needed to break the monotony of everyday boring formal look, and life at large! Apart from a fresh look that casual footwear endows upon your personality, this category of shoes are comfortable and provide a snug fit to the feet. Loafers and moccasins are always sought for to flaunt the breezy and relaxed style of the season.

Boys can style their moccasins in numerous ways. After all, moccasins are ever green, and will go perfectly with summer clothing as well as winter wear for men.

Moccasins can be teamed with casual shirts and cardigans for the urban male look, who would never compromise comfort for the looks of it.




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Moccasins are also available in the widest variety of colors, both subtle as well as vibrant like black, brown, red, yellow, green, blue and what not. So wear your footwear first, and then wear appropriate clothing to go with the sexy men moccasins.

Buy men moccasins online. You can filter your search according the make, brand, color etc. and then get exactly what you’re looking for. Gas, Famozi, Homme, Andrew Hill, Woodland, Clarks, Metro, Red Tape, and many others will offer you state of the art moccasins which are available in different makes such as suede leather, genuine leather, non-leather, nubuck leather, and patent leather.

The best part is that moccasins are the shoes of all seasons, as well as different occasions.

Wear these to a party, to office, for a day out, and you’ll be looking stylish, while you’re completely relaxed! Get yours now.


Some Must Haves: Jackets for Women!



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Don’t we just live for that slight nip in the air, the fresh smell and the chilly winds during fall? All the girls will agree with me that winters definitely call for rummaging in the closet, going on those frequent shopping sprees to put on those best layers forward!

The thing about winters is that your outerwear, or more simply put, your pullovers and blazers are going to dominate your clothing.

So, go ahead, find your perfect cover up this fall!

Get Outdoorsy with the perfect outer wear!

Stay warm and cozy this fall with the right women’s jackets. Take your pick!

  • Leather biker jackets and denim jackets will impart upon your look that rocker chic look.
  • Faux fur coats and blazers will lend an element of elegance and charm upon the look.
  • Formal and semi-formal blazers – These are evergreen and universal in appeal. Sport them to your workplace, or formal events!
  • Casual windcheaters are perfect for everyday wear
  • The baggy boyfriend fits are no less in trend

Jackets definitely need that icing!

I should definitely not be talking about things like icing in this cold weather! But seriously, unless you’re wearing a designer jacket with an ostentatious design, I would rather you guys accessorise your jackets and blazers with a lot of other accessories and jewellery!

Winters always witness a lot of metallic and classic dark shades, so take out that gold and silver jewellery. You can afford to go down the bling road all you want. In fact, sequined jackets are here to take care of your entire look. Just put them on, and you’re done!

Team your plain jackets with colorful and floral scarves, and turn those blah winter mornings into something plain wonderful. Now all you need is the right footwear. Take out those uggs, or knee length boots, and you’re all set!

Online stores, more like winter wear stores for men and women!

You have read enough about online shopping on my blog. It is high time we give online shopping the place it deserves, as it definitely has made my life much better!

Buy women jackets online. You can take a pick from the best brands like United Colors of Benetton, Nike, American Swan, French Connection and lots more. Then apply the discount coupons on your purchases. Shop at the right e-store, and get the best benefits infused online shopping experience for your winter jacket, ever!

Bring on your winter charm: Buy boots online!

boots 2This is one place where you can find first hand and instant fashion and beauty solutions. So if looking glamorous and stylish without working too much for it is what you’re looking at, then boots are a must-buy this season!

Want to look like a sexy kitten this fall? Then how about some kitten heels in boots…There’s much more that these family of shoes have to offer for men and women…Read on…

Bring out the ‘boot-y’ factor

There is just too much to choose from when it comes to these swoon worthy shoes – there’s ankle length boots, knee length boots, leather boots, thigh high boots etc. Go on and pick your favorite…bet you won’t stop at just one!

Zip up ankle boots and booties for women bring that rocker chic look into the personality. So in case you’re looking for boots with a difference, hear hear!

Go for eclectic prints like leopard prints. Make your feet feel snuggly with uggs. You just need to feel the whiff of air of the trends coming your way, and you’ll see boots all around!

No ‘babaji ka boot’ that!

You have got to learn how to accessorize those sexy ones. You wear inappropriate loose fitting garments with it in an attempt to look like a gorgeous fashionista, but end up looking like a baba instead. So make sure your clothing is as classy and appealing, as is your footwear!

Whether classic or edgy, you have got to know how to wear them!

First and foremost, avoid boots with ethnic wear. Men and women and flaunt these to any occasion, except for ones where they’re required to be somewhat coy!

Women can wear them with dresses, skirts, pants, denims, while men with the pullover and chinos look, as well as semi – formal attires! Go chunky, and experiment with colors.

Comfort should be given utmost importance. If your favorite boots seem to be restrictive around the legs, they will not remain your favorite for long!                                                                                                                                                                            boots 1

Where to throng for some good good boots?


Hurray to online shopping, yet again. Buy boots online to play with brands, designs, cuts and colors! What you select will be delivered to your doorstep and how! Try the fit, and then only make the payment. Sounds unreal, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not. The virtual world is here to engulf you in its net of infinite possibilities. Make the most of it, while you can!

Already on the next generation trends list — Puma shoes for men!

puma shoesPuma shoes 2

There are two things that a man will hold dear all his life, no matter what happens – his ego, and his shoes. I’m here to elaborate on one of these, and it’s definitely not the ego!

Shoes are a reflection of the man’s individuality to a large extent. So unlike the women, all the shoes in his wardrobe need to be the right ones!

There are some brands that are fail safe in style and 100 percent guaranteed in quality. Puma shoes are one of them!

About Puma

This brand needs no introduction whatsoever, though one ought to know more about their favorite pair of shoes.

PUMA is one of the world’s leading Sport and Lifestyle companies that designs and develops footwear, apparel and accessories. The brand has and always will stay true to the principles of being Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative in decisions made and actions taken. It designs and makes sports products for  categories such as Football, Running, Motorsports, Cricket, Golf and Sailing.

Buy Puma shoes to hit the mark at different casual affairs as well as a range of different sports!

Puma Sports and Fashion

PUMA starts in Sport and ends in Fashion. Remember my first blog regarding the intricate relationship that sports and fashion share? Puma sports shoes are the perfect example of that!

Let’s not take Puma as just another sports brand! Sport Fashion of the company features collaborations with renowned designer labels such as Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan and Mihara Yasuhiro. Now that’s unprecedented!

With Yuvraj Singh as brand ambassador, females, sports enthusiasts, cricket fans and basically a long list of clientele swears by the range of Puma shoes. Feel like you’re walking on air with Puma sports shoes, as you get breathability and comfort like never before!

Buy Puma shoes online!

The footwear collection from the house of Puma includes different styles such as Puma sports shoes, running shoes, sneakers, sandals, flip flops, and what not. The range of designs as well as the quality of the shoes will leave you overwhelmed.

Avail the complete range of Puma shoes online. Just log in, and the complete collection will be showcased in front of you. Then nab the lucrative schemes, and daily deals on all purchases. Make complete value of your time and money. Shop now!

Tight and bright: Adidas Sweaters for Men!


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The fall season not only calls for cooler temperature, but also preparation for holidays! Layer up, and stay in touch with the winter vogue. For that it is important to know how much to layer, and with what?!

Go tight and bright this fall. By that I mean the perfect combination of cuts and colors that’ll make your winter look a success! Incorporate bright colors and eye catching cuts and prints into your boring look.

Get your hands on rich and sumptuous Adidas winter wear and you’ll start believing in the fact that you need not work too hard to look good!

Don’t worry, you’re in the right hands!   Image

Adidas sweaters for men are lively, coloured and stylish enough to lend you the added style to welcome winters in full zest! You can rest assured of quality with the brand name, while the range of colors, styles, designs, patterns and prints in Adidas men sweaters won’t make it hard on you to make a selection!

There is quite a range in the color palette, right from the classic dark winter shades, to the most eye popping ones, even for boys. The cut and tailoring is meant for your body type, and the design, well, it’s right there in front of your eyes!

To make the most of your winter experience with Adidas pullovers for men mix durability, presentability, and accessibility in the right proportions. If you have to travel too much, or go for a color that does not suit you at the downtown mall, it’s not going to be worth it after all! So, buy Adidas sweaters online.


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Adidas has much much more in winter wear!

While you’re at it, get your hands on Adidas jackets for men as well. Pair the uber cool jackets and pullovers with jeans and chinos and winters would not seem too dreary, after all!

Go for a matching scarf, and ankle length boots for men. Fortunately/unfortunately men cannot experiment with bling!

But, yes! A watch will up the glam ante a few notches. So much for a cool and casual winter look for boys. Keep reading for more!!!

The thing about shoes…


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Coco Chanel proudly claims that all a woman needs is a pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world. Do not, and I mean, never underestimate the power of good looking shoes.

But here’s the thing about shoes..they will wear out! Old ones will need to be replaced with new pairs to keep your closet swanky and fashionable. Some footwear styles have proved to be classics, while some faded with time.

Stilettos, ballerinas, sandals, boots et al cease to diminish in demand in women’s footwear. One latest addition to the category is women peep toe shoes.


Which shoe trend should I be following this year?


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Shoes are always the sure shot way to update the wardrobe with what’s latest in fashion. As for what went by and what you should be watching out for in shoe trends, here’s a list.

Studded details were a rage this year. Color block pumps were the surprise hit of the season. Boots and booties have always managed to enamor the ladies. The slip-ons and flats for casual occasions and every day wear can never lose their grace. 

Apart from that platforms and stilettos have never needed to make a comeback!

Lots of color was also seen on the runway. From green to black all the way to maroon, women shoes have always been endowed with lots and lots of color!


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And here’s what you’ll find. The old mantra of revealing some and hiding some always works with Indian ladies, and more so in footwear. Hence the obsession with peep toes!

Peep toes in metallics are something that women died for in 2013. They bring the bling in, while are suited for almost all occasions.

Buy stylish peep toes online and you can nab the latest brands at the best bargains.

Whatever be your shoe fetish, go ahead and give fire to it. Shop online!

A Must Have effect: Axe deodorants for men!

axe 1Deodorants: Harmful or important?

Let’s carry on this discussion by keeping in mind that excess of everything is bad!

Now, apart from preventing body odour, there are a lot of other functions that a good deo performs. Remember ‘good’ is the keyword here. By good, I mean branded and good quality deodorant that does more good than harm!

Most of us would like to lash out at people who lack common decency of if not smelling exceptional, then at least not a rat. It is bad manners and such people who do this repeatedly should be expelled from society. Then people who carry with them a whiff of air wherever they go, one of a very bold smelling fragrance, also deserve a similar kind of punishment.

No odour, no cry!!!

My point is that your odour should not distract other people. It should neither be unpleasant, nor overbearing. Axe deodorants for men come as a quick fix for body odour woes. Read on to know more…

Even common gym etiquette requires that bad smell shall immediately be pointed out, then how can one carry on like that in everyday life. I mean it is incompletely unacceptable. It is at these times that we are reminded of the common protocol of using a deodorant after a shower. Yes, they are definitely important!

Body odour n me??? Oh puhleez!!!

Some people are very secure of the kind of smell their body produces. Even in their wildest imagination can they ever admit of having body odour. Then befall the sickly pitfalls of life, that lack an appropriate deodorant or perfume. These are the very people who need to be reminded of owning one, or more importantly using one!

There are others who have sworn against beauty and body products that are just an attractive packaging for them for chemicals! Don’t forget, sometimes it is these very chemicals that can do wonders!

Chemicals are not always harmful. It is the right amount and the ones that do not harm the skin that is the most important. This is why buying a branded deodorant is especially important, like Axe deos!

axe 2


Axe is here to help!

Axe fragrances for men consist of the appropriate mélange of citrus and mint notes in general and other harmless musky undertones that keep you smelling great and refreshed all day long. Axe combines the right flavours with longevity.

Feel the change, buy Axe fragrances for men online or gift one to someone who really needs it. Spread the word!